Local Departments Recognized for Life Saves

May 21, 2021

In August 2020, the Chisholm Trail 100 Club awarded the inaugural "Life Saver" Award to Cresson Volunteer Fire Department for the life save of a Cresson resident who had gone into cardiac arrest at home. Due to the fast response and skills of the crew, the resident was resuscitated and has been given a second chance at life! The August 2020 award kicked off the recognition program for life saves across the Club's service area, which includes all of the law enforcement departments, fire departments, emergency medical services agencies and emergency call-takers in Johnson County, Somervell County, Hood County and the City of Mansfield.

The "Life Saver" award acknowleges first responders who perform livesaving skills on a patient/victim in respiratory arrest* or full cardiac arrest* which resulted in the patient resuscitated and returned home alive. Submission of life save events can be made by the patient, family, departmental peers, or community members. 

*Arrest: the heart and/or respiratory functions have ceased 

During May 2021, the CT100 Club has recognized both the Burleson Police Department and the Joshua Fire Department for recent life saves. On May 3rd, the Burleson Police Department and three of it's officers were recognized at the Burleson City Council Meeting. The officers were recognized and the following incident report was provided to the Council.

On 7/29/20 at approximately 0115 hours, Officers were dispatched to the report of an individual who was actively attempting to hang himself. Officers arrived at the residence and located a male in the garage, who appeared deceased, hanging with a leather belt around his neck. Officer Price lifted the male, releasing tension on the belt, which allowed Officer Daniel to release the clasp on the belt. Officers placed the male on the ground and Officer Price began performing chest compressions (CPR). After completing several cycles of CPR, Officer Lott took over compressions until MedStar arrived. MedStar placed a monitor and AED on the male, a short time later they advised they had a heart rhythm, the male was breathing on his own, and CPR was no longer needed. The male was transported to JPS Hospital for further care. The following day, Burleson PD's Victim's Assistant advised she spoke with the man's wife. She stated her husband was doing well and there was not permanent damage detected at this time.

Congratulations to Burleson Police Department -  Officer Chris Price, Officer Joshua Lott and Officer Christina Daniel - on providing aid that saved this man’s life.

On May 20th, the Joshua Fire Department and two of it's firefighters were recognized for the life save of a 2-year-old drowning victim at the Joshua City Council Meeting. The firefighters were recognized and the following incide report was provided to the Council.

On July 1, 2020 the Joshua Fire Department received a dispatch call to a reported drowning of a 2 year old child. Captain Hale and Lt Burgdorf were manning the Joshua Fire Station and were able to immediately respond along with Battalion Chief David Edwards, Firefighter Gene Rogers, Firefighter Nick Shotwell and Firefighter Candidate Bradley Curby. Upon their arrival at the residence, they were met with a chaotic scene, including a hysterical mother and several family members. 

The patient - a 2 year old boy - was  lying on the ground next to an above ground pool that the child had somehow entered approximately 5 minutes before he was discovered at the bottom of 4 feet of water. The boy's family had administered CPR, per Dispatcher instructions, and he had a spontaneous heartbeat upon arrival of rescue personnel. 

Captain Hale immediately acted by accessing the child, noticing that he was not breathing appropriately, and appeared ashen and blue. Captain Hale immediately check the airway of the child and cleared water and sand away from his mouth. Lt. Burgdorf assisted with applying oxygen to assist with respirations.

Lt. Burgdorf requested an air ambulance through Dispatch. By that time the American Medical Response (AMR) Unit 177, with Paramedic Chris Skiles and EMT Matt Brown, was on scene. Paramedic Sikes made the decision to transport the patient by ground in the interest of time.

Captain Hale carried the child to the waiting ambulance and he along with Lt. Burgdorf accompanied the ambulance to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. Prior to arrival, the child regained consciousness. 

This event is one of rarity in the career of a firefighter. Most patients who suffer drowning are not revivable; however, this event had a significantly better outcome due to the quick actions of many. Beginning with the Dispatcher, who provided instructions on performing CPR, the family who acted quickly, and finally ending with first responders performing definitive patient care, this happy ending was only possible because of a team of professional and volunteer personnel working together. 

Congratulations to Joshua Firefighters - Captain Ron Hale and Lt. Luke Burgdorf - for the response and aide they provided to save this young resident.

In recognition of these saves, both departments were awarded a "Life Saver" clock with the officers'/firefighters' names and the date of the life save. The clock bears the inscription: 

“The Life Saver Award” – The most precious gift a person can receive is the gift of time with which to live their life.

A Chisholm Trail 100 Club Life Saver certificate and lapel pin was also presented to each of these First Responders for their tremendous efforts!

Burleson PD Officers (left to right): Officer Christina Daniel, Officer Chris Price, and Officer Joshua Lott

Joshua Firefighters (left to right): Captain Ron Hale and Lt. Luke Burgdorf

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