Who we are

The Chisholm Trail 100 Club was started in 2009 when citizens of Johnson County, Texas joined together to create a non-profit organization to support the emergency personnel of our area.  The idea has spread like wildfire through both the business and private communities.

When tragedy strikes, the effects are both swift and devastating.  The 100 Club recognizes the need to respond immediately with personal support and understanding.  Whatever the need - be it financial, advisory or moral support, the 100 Club is there to ease the pain of the family of a Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter or EMS Responder injured or killed in the line of duty.

History of the Nation's 100 Clubs

The idea of the first 100 Club began in Detroit, Michigan, in 1952, after a local businessman, William Packer, was moved to action when a police officer was killed in the line of duty.  Packer, a friend of the Police Commissioner, wrote to 100 of his friends, encouraging them to donate to a fund for the fallen officer's family to get them through the emotionally and financially trying time.  The response was 100% positive.

Packer and the Commissioner later met with the expectant widow, reviewed her finances, arranged to pay off the mortgage on their recently purchased home, pay all the bills, set up an education account for the yet unborn child and deposited $7,000 in the widow's checking account.

These caring and unselfish actions became the charter for what is now nationally known as "The 100 Club".
Over the last 50 years, 100 clubs have been started in cities in every state of the nation and members now number into the tens of thousands.

The Chisholm Trail 100 Club is the newest member to join the other Texas 100 Clubs: The 100 Club, The 100 Club of Southeast Texas and the 100 Club of Central Texas.

As clubs grew, their missions expanded and changed.  Many clubs have elected to include Fire Fighters and EMS Personnel, some have even begun providing stipends to qualified agencies to purchase equipment to enhance the safety of their personnel.

The 100 Club Members realize that money can never make up for the loss of or disability of a loved one, but it can be helpful in covering immediate expenses.  In addition, the 100 Club has a committee of experts, a Professional Advisory Team including members of the Fallen Officers' Agency, CPAs, attorneys, trust officers, brokers, financial consultants and employee benefits consultants.  This team, at the survivor's request, will advise and counsel the family in a wide range of areas without cost or obligation.

If you are a civic minded individual and support the 100 Club mission, there is a place for you among this group fo extraordinary people.  Membership in the 100 Club is open to everyone and provides minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.  We simply want to help those who are always there to protect us.

Chisholm Trail 100 Club, Inc.

A 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the First Responders of our community.    

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